Things about health hunger

Things about health hunger

Health starvation has become a popular form of body cleansing. It is a fact commonly known and accepted by all medical sciences that the starvation treatment rejuvenates human body, mind and soul. Giving up food products and stimulants is like a spring order from inside. The metabolism is improved and regenerated. Our intestines are freed from living human cell material and cleaned. Hunger diets prevent numerous chronic diseases, improve general well-being and support weight loss.

These positive effects have been known for a long time and cannot only be caused by hunger strike. There are also a number of lesser known facts and beliefs about hunger. They also underline the importance of hunger cures as one of the most efficient methods of regeneration of the body and soul.

A healthy diet ensures a longer life – the macaque experiment

Starving is healthy because it cleanses the body and refreshes the mind and soul. After the treatment many people decide to continue to lead a conscious, healthy lifestyle, combined with proper nutrition. The fact that people who cultivate a prudent lifestyle generally live much longer than those who are constantly exposed to the stress and temptations of a consumer society is now a well-known truism.

Hunger treatment helps depressed patients and makes them happier.

Healthy hunger for health depression is already classified as a disease of civilization. It is estimated that in Poland alone about 1.5 million people suffer from depressive disorders. Depressions are treated with psychotropic drugs, which only alleviate the symptoms of the disease, but also have numerous unwanted side effects in the form of fatigue and weight gain.

A hunger treatment can help to psychologically stabilise people suffering from depression in the initial and intermediate stages. Hunger induces hormones of happiness. Therefore, there is often talk about getting hungry.

The starvation diet of people suffering from depression must absolutely be carried out under the supervision of a doctor: the first 2 or 3 days of giving up food can be a hard time even for mentally stable people.

The hunger treatment helps in the fight against cancer.

Starving can help in the fight against cancer: it is a known fact. Whether therapeutic abandonment of food can have a positive effect on the condition of cancer sufferers is a matter of dispute, even among Starving Starving supporters. The view of conventional medicine, that more calories and proteins should be taken during chemotherapy, is indisputable.

A special juice treatment adapted to people with cancer was developed by natural medicine expert. Breuss’ theory was supported by the results of laboratory mouse tests. The animals were treated with an increased dose of chemotherapy and then divided into 2 groups. One of them was given normal food, while the other one stopped giving food 2 days before the therapy.

A group of regularly fed mice showed severe side effects. Some of the animals did not survive the therapy. The group of “fasting” mice survived the therapy. It can also be proven in a number of human cases that the negative side effects of chemotherapy can be alleviated with Breuss fasting.

Hunger cures and sport complement each other well

One important principle to remember about starvation is: never start a treatment during a period of high stress and private problems or breakthroughs in life. Find for yourself a quiet, relaxed time in your life. The best solution is to combine the treatment with a holiday. Some offers a range of professionally organized stays with a health hunger in the lead role, which create ideal conditions for a successful treatment.

Relaxation is undoubtedly a good thing – but this does not mean that people on a hunger diet should not play sports. If you are a fan of hiking, running, swimming or cycling, you can continue to enjoy your favourite sports. However, do not introduce new disciplines into your training plan during treatment.

Only light sports should be practised during the first three days of the treatment, because the sugar level and the acid-base balance in our body must first stabilise again. After these days, you can train without any worries – without practising any extreme sports, of course.

Sport during fasting strengthens the blood circulation and prevents the reduction of muscle protein in the body. An organized holiday with a hunger for health and balanced sport is the best thing you can do for your body, mind and soul!