Cleansing Diet

A topic that appears regularly, especially before the summer when we have a big “boom” on the so-called Juice DIETS, advertised as “cleansing” us of all toxins, detoxifying the body and finally allowing us to lose weight.

Of course, our goal is always to lose weight as quickly as possible, we look less often through the prism of wellbeing and health, and this is what we should be guided by when applying some kind of diet. However, I am puzzled by the fact that most people are not very healthy on a daily basis in terms of nutrition, which is a considerable stress for the body, and yet they “switch” drastically to this type of diet without prior preparation.

The consequence, of course, is a longer term feeling of well-being, a metabolic disorder or a yo-yo effect and permanent or long-term health consequences, the mechanism of which is described a little below.


It is the removal of toxins from the body supported in a natural way. Speaking of detoxification, we have to realize that ONLY our organs, i.e. the liver, kidneys and intestines, are responsible for it, and that functioning properly, they are sufficient to remove all the excess toxins from the body. Through them we are protected against excessive accumulation of toxins and heavy metals in our body.

Of course, there will be a slogan that there will be cases when this is not enough – yes, it is, but we are talking about poisoning with a serious amount of heavy metals, and this applies only to a small percentage of people working in life-threatening conditions or having contact with these substances.

In such cases, detoxification must be carried out, but not on the basis of juices, but under the control of a health care facility, doctors and strong pharmacological substances! Then we do not talk about “detoxification or purification” but about saving lives. Take care of yourself, support your liver, kidneys or in 90% of cases simply eat rationally, take care of the hygiene of life and that is enough.


Cleansing diets are so popular in the spring-summer period, when the beautiful weather is approaching and everyone wants to expose a little bit of their body. Well, we will have to present ourselves somehow in comparison with others. We do not want to give the body. Our figure must be 100% prepared. Most often we wake up before the holiday season itself, and most of us are not prepared to show our best shape. Then we look for the simplest, easiest and fastest way to achieve the desired effect.

And here the producers of juices, magical diets, etc. have a field to show off. We fight the failures in shaping the figure for the “excess of toxins” in the body and give a solution – a cleansing diet, detox, golden agent as in a month improve health and form. Does it work? It works! Visual effects will be visible, and this will boost sales and business.

Using such popular diets to cleanse our body, we take some kind of risk. First of all, we do not consult with a specialist who would supervise our actions, because what do we want to detoxify ourselves from? Do we have any indications? We know what kind of toxins aren’t.

Let’s not fool ourselves. Eating more calories every day and having a differently balanced diet (usually not properly balanced) than a cleansing diet, such drastic transitions can cause various changes inside us. The biggest disadvantage is too negative calorie balance.

Inappropriately balanced juice, fruit and vegetable diets do not provide the body with adequate amounts of nutrients, such as:

  • Proteins needed for regeneration of muscles, tissues, production of enzymes and hormones
  • Fats necessary for nervous system regeneration processes, formation of steroid hormones
  • Full value carbohydrates that maintain glycemic activity and cellular metabolism at a constant level

The effect of these deficiencies may be, for example, a breakdown in metabolism, hormonal and neurological problems, and ultimately all this will affect our health often in the long term or even irreversibly.


Of course, it is not that I deny 100% of such diets because, a little and after such a few days we would probably feel better. I would like to point out here that it cannot be done on its own. First of all, we should examine ourselves beforehand, so for sure the blood tests will give us some indication if it is a diet for us at the moment.

This fasting can bring the intended results when the person is in some center, where there is appropriate care. The patient then rests, goes for walks and then we can note the temporary benefits of such a dietary behavior, but it is worth emphasizing that it will be a temporary fast based on constant professional control.


Let’s support the organs responsible for this, i.e. the liver’s kidneys, and take care of general homeostasis and internal regulations in the body.
We can support our organs. We can support them through nutrition.

Here are some nutritional recommendations:

  • Hydration is something I wouldn’t have to talk about, but this simple matter is very often neglected. If we don’t drink enough water a day, our kidneys won’t thank us for it and their filtration will be impaired.
  • By drinking green tea we can help the liver metabolism and regulate digestion.
  • Cranberry will support the urinary system, prevent the settlement of bacteria on the walls of the urinary tract and bladder.
  • Spotted ostropest is considered to be the best scientifically researched plant in terms of its toxin removal.
  • NAC, Curcumin, Berberin, Capric acid – supplements supporting the regulation of inflammation and thus the body’s defence system

We have come to the point where we see the pros and cons of such diets. However, as earlier, our organs are responsible for removing toxins from our bodies and such diets will be unnecessary. We are always looking for a golden mean for fast weight loss, so that our weight loss can proceed at a fast pace. This type of diets are then used by people thinking in the category the sooner the better. Remember that a healthy body is a well-groomed organism let’s go back and start from the basics, hygiene of life.